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We want to make sure that you have a good experience when you come to visit us. Each dog is different and that is why we want to make sure we can take care of everyone in the best way possible.

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Cancellation policy.

If you cannot make your appointment we need at least a 24 hour notice. If we do not receive sufficient notice, a fee of $25 will be required to be paid before we are able to book another appointment. This is our business and livelihood, and when we get late cancellations or no shows we are not able fill that appointment slot.

A 24 hour notice is the best way to go

We understand true emergencies happen and they are exempt from this rule, but all other situations require a 24 hour notice so we may fill that appointment slot. It is also imperative that you arrive on time for your appointment so we can keep everything running smoothly and calmly for our fluffy friends! Any arrival 15 minutes late to appointment start time may result in a no call no show noted to your account and the appointment may be rescheduled. We are very understanding that weather and life happens, things come up! We will approach each instance individually and address it as needed. Thank you for your understanding in this matter!

Late pick-up.

We are super flexible with drop off times, we have space for up to ten dogs and your dog is welcome to chill with us until appointment time. However, we do have a strict after hours late pickup policy.

10 minutes after closing time, client will be charged $1 per minute fee until animal is retrieved. We love our fluffy friends, but we also need time at home to chill with our own pets! If you are in need of a late pick up, please let us know ahead of time and we will gladly work something out!

Matted fur

We are firm believers in humanity over vanity, and want to get your animal feeling comfortable as safely as possible. When we deem there is far too much matting to safely brush out, we save as much of the good coat as we can while still being able to glide easily under the matting. Please note that there are several side effects of clipping off matted fur:

• Itching, scratching, biting, licking, shaking, rubbing, etc.

• Sunburn (Sunscreen is recommended after a shave down)

Matted coats are much more prone to nicks, cuts, abrasions, clipper burn, and overall skin irritation(s). In an effort to help to prevent these side effects, Prim & Pawper will groom the dog slowly, safely, and follow with skin soothing shampoo and conditioner. Extra charges will incur for matted dogs and a final quote cannot be given until the dog is finished.

Puppy Procedures

We want your pet to see their day at the spa as fun and relaxing (because it should be!) Due to this, we strive to make our Puppy Package as quick, easy, and fun as possible! Ideally, we would like to meet your pup around 10 weeks old for their puppy package.  Here’s what we do:

bath, blow dry, brush out, nail trim, and tidying of the face, feet and fanny.

After we have successfully completed the puppy package, we recommend coming back in 1 to 2 weeks. It’s important they come in more often for the 2nd and 3rd appointments so we can work on building a trusting relationship to prepare them for their first big boy/girl haircut.

Vaccine Policy

All pets over 4 months of age must have verifiable proof of a current rabies vaccination. Acceptable proof will be a certificate of vaccination from your vet, invoice stating pet's information with an expiration date for rabies, or verbal confirmation of rabies expiration date. If your pet is out of date or you cannot provide proof of vaccination, your appointment will be cancelled and you will have to obtain updated vaccine information in order to reschedule. Clients must wait 48 hours after their pets are vaccinated to schedule an appointment.

Clipping Double Coated Dogs

The double coat acts similar to insulation in a house: it helps keep you warm in the winter as well as cool in the summer. A clipped double coated breed may struggle to regulate its body temperature. Please be aware there are many semi- and fully permanent side effects from clipping a double coat which include:

• Loss of hair growth

• A different coat color close to the skin, e.g. a red coat may be blond after the haircut

• Coat growing back in different color or texture

• Itching, scratching, biting, licking, shaking, twitching, spinning, rubbing, etc.

• Hyper pigmentation

• Darkening of the skin where the coat has not grown back

• Sunburn (sunscreen is recommended after a shave down)

• Loss of guard coat, especially in double coated breeds

• Coat regrowth in different directions (cowlicks)

Anal Glands

At Prim & Pawper we do not express anal glands, reason being when provided in a grooming facility the procedure is done externally. When done by a veterinarian or veterinary technician they do this procedure internally (as they are certified to do so).

Over the years studies have come forward supporting that expressing the anal glands externally can cause trauma, and not fully drain the glands, in some pets.

After consulting with Veterinarians in our professional network we have come to the conclusion to leave this procedure to be provided by veterinarians and veterinary technicians. They can safely provide this procedure, assess any potencial issues, and get the glands 100% emptied.

Your dog will thank us in the long run.

Ear Plucking

Prim & Pawper will pluck ear hair upon request. Plucking ear hair can result in irritation, resulting in

Excessive shaking
Pawing at ears
Visible irritation in ear canal
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