Reasons why Dawn dish soap should stay on dishes, not your dog

Dawn Detergent is great for dishes, even other uses around the house. But not so much for your dog. In some cases, such as puppies that are too young for a proper flea shampoo to be used Dawn can be an acceptable alternative, within reason.

Here's the breakdown

The fact of the matter is Dawn will strip out the oils found in the skin and within the coat. Which is exactly what it's designed to do, degrease. These oils that are stripped from the skin are essential for a proper pH level. Without these natural oils the pH levels of your dogs skin gets out of whack. The pH level is vital to your dog to prevent both allergens and bacteria, such as yeast infections. Irritation and itching is likely to occur once these oils have been stripped. Your dog could develop dry or flaky skin as a result.


But then why is it used on wild life after oil spills?

Good question. Dawn is great at removing oil. Which is why we see it used after an oil spill in the ocean. The goal is to get off the oil as soon as possible so that the animal can be treated quickly to lesson the amount of damage to the skin. When it comes to normal circumstances, such as giving your favorite fur friend a bath, Dawn and other dish soap should stay next to the kitchen sink. Opt for a Basic cleansing shampoo specifically designed for dogs instead. Need recommendations? Give us a call, we'd love to help.

The only soaps that are safe for dogs are those that are specifically designed for dogs.

So what should I use if my adult dog has fleas?

While Dawn in particular has been named as a great solution for killing fleas, that's not the most accurate statement. There are a lot more effective options out there for killing fleas. To start, we highly recommend your dog stay on a flea prevention method. Whether that be an oral, topical treatment, or even a flea collar. Talk to your vet to see what option best suites you and your dogs needs.

Medicated flea shampoos are available and designed to specifically kill fleas. Dish soap might kill some of the fleas when initially applied to the skin, but it doesn't keep the fleas from coming back and often times does not kill flea eggs. The infestation will remain as long as the eggs stay alive.

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Of course, scheduling with a local groomer is always an option! We'd love to give your dog that much needed bath and spa day. If your pup does have fleas, please let us know when scheduling. To ensure we can take them straight to the tub upon your arrival.


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